"I could have used this many times over! I tried looking at a number of solutions including fuel cell technology, but just couldn’t develop a practical, cost-effective and safe solution that was 100% reliable. This is a much better idea, and with that extremely low exhaust back-pressure addition, an easily solution to retrofit where needed. "

- Dave Towner, Applications Engineer, Exterran (retired)

The Idea

CEGEN (Clean Energy Generation) is an innovative Green Energy company who works with the Natural Gas Industry.

There was estimated to be approximately 31,000 natural gas transmission compressors in service in the United States alone in 2011 (Report Oil and Natural Gas Sector Compressors, Report April 2014). CEGEN has patented a design to capture and exploit the wasted exhaust air of the large coolers of the compressors.

Simple to install, the CEGEN units fill many power generation needs of the compressor facilities, including:

  • Replace the need to run expensive power transmission lines to remote locations
  • Supplement the power needs of the facility without burning the facility’s own product or add to their carbon footprint
  • For large facilities with multiple coolers, enough power can be produced to supply back to the grid or even create an isolated grid that supplies to surrounding smaller facilities
  • Carbon tax credits

The working relationship between Fossil Fuels and Green Energy has been in place for much longer than most would believe and the lines between the two sides are beginning to blur. CEGEN Green Energy is another step closer in their cooperative efforts to bring clean and economical energy to community and industry.

Read more about renewables meeting the oil and gas industry  here.

Green Energy Produced
Save Money
ROI 0-18 months
"Spend the first ten years doing something no one else will do, spend the next ten doing something nobody else can"

- Conrad Hilton

The Vision

What if we could combine natural gas development with electric power production and reduce or eliminate, further consumption of fossil fuels?

Key points: 

  • Low cost alternative power source that is more powerful than current alternatives.  
  • A unit that would have low install costs
  • That could produce enough power for a Caterpillar 3516 compressor 
  • More efficient than heat recovery units
  • Could utilize and exploit the wasted air flow from a compressor cooler

With those in mind the team behind CEGEN got to work developing and testing the CEGEN Green Power Generation Unit.

"I’m as proud of many of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things."

- Steve Jobs

The Product

CEGEN Green Energy System introduces a revolutionary new technology that produces much needed GREEN electrical power on natural gas compressor stations, mining facilities, and other industrial applications without adding to the site’s carbon footprint.
Using the wasted cooler or ventilation exhaust from the cooler fans of a natural gas compressor or the large ventilation fans from underground mining, CEGEN has designed, developed, and patented a product that can capture this exhaust air and, using “wind energy technology,” generate more than enough energy to bring needed electric power to a 1500 HP gas compressor, supplement your power needs, or eliminate the need to have expensive power lines installed in remote locations.

The CEGEN Advantage:

Truly innovative, the CEGEN Green Power Generation Unit is also a culturally popular step that the industry can take.

  • Green power generation
  • No addition to your Carbon Footprint
  • No change to your facility’s footprint
    • 7’x8’ footprint over exhaust of a typical 156EH cooler
    • Weighing less than 1000lbs
  • Fast bolt on installation (one day on most applications)
  • Little to no change to your equipment
  • Low maintenance costs and easy service schedules
  • Flexible application scopes and benefits
  • New and retro-fit applications

The CEGEN Performance Data

  • Higher Green Power Output
    • A typical 1500 HP gas compressor should expect at least 6.5 kW or approximately 57,000 kWh/annum of Green Power with “exhaust wind” speed of 27 mph using a 10kW generator
    • 2 kW and 5 kW designs available for smaller fan applications
  • Class 1, Zone 2
  • Low back pressure added to fan
    • less than .2 iwg added at CEGEN opening
  • Vertical and Horizontal fan designs available
  • Engineering, consultation, and installation available
  • 18-month to 24-month ROI (immediate if CEGEN replaces the need for power lines)

CEGEN Applications

  • Inexpensive Power to remote facilities
  • Eliminate need for expensive power line installations ($285,000 per mile)
  • Power building and facility lights, ventilation, gas detection, and other facility operations
  • Large facilities with multiple application opportunities could supply power to their local grids
  • Supplement your power needs

The CEGEN Green Power Generation Unit is a new, innovative, and culturally popular step that can offer a GREEN alternative to power for industry. We give positive exposure to industry and effectively multiply energy production efforts without burning another drop of fossil fuel.

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life." - Aristotle

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