“I could have used this many times over! I tried looking at a number of solutions including fuel cell technology, but just couldn’t develop a practical, cost-effective and safe solution that was 100% reliable. This is a much better idea, and with that extremely low exhaust back-pressure addition, an easily solution to retrofit where needed. ” Dave Towner

Applications Engineer, Exterran (retired)

“The Alberta Centre for Advanced Micro-Nano Technology Products (ACAMP) commercializes innovations in micro-electronic technology by providing access to equipment and engineering expertise unique to such products. As Business Development Manager with ACAMP, I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies developing new electronic products for a spectrum of applications. CEGEN’s Green Energy System was one of the most appealing projects I came across, appealing to me because its real-world application and well presented product development plan” Jeff Hohn

Business Development Manager with ACAMP

The Idea

CEGEN Green Energy System a patent pending application designed to exploit wasted wind power created by compressor cooler’s exhaust and convert the air flow into green energy, enabling clients to capture the wasted airflow, increasing their site’s efficiency while decreasing the carbon footprint.


In 2011, there was approximately 31,000 natural gas transmission compressors in service in the United States alone according to the Report on Oil and Natural Gas Sector Compressors (April 2014).

Simple to install, the CEGEN Green Energy system will satisfy many power generation needs for compressor facilities, including:

  • Replacing the need to run expensive power transmission lines for remote locations;
  • Offering a supplementary power source without burning the facility’s own product or adding to the carbon footprint;
  • For large facilities with multiple coolers, producing enough power to supply back to the grid or even create an isolated grid that supplies to surrounding facilities
  • Reducing the Carbon tax levy and leveraging tax

Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is an important global issue and the oil and gas industry is committed to finding innovative technologies to reduce emissions while continuing to meet the growing demand for energy.

CEGEN Green Energy is  an example of how cooperative efforts can bring clean and economical energy to the community and industry.

Read more about renewables meeting the oil and gas industry here.

power generation


Green Energy Produced


Save Money


ROI 18-24 months

“Spend the first ten years doing something no one else will do, spend the next ten doing something nobody else can” Conrad Hilton

The Vision

What if we could combine natural gas development with electric power production and reduce or eliminate, further consumption of fossil fuels?

CEGEN will reduce and/or eliminate consumption of fossil fuels and provide:

  • Low cost renewable power source;
  • Produce enough energy to power building lights, PLCs (controls), site lighting, etc;
  • More efficient source than other renewable energy alternatives; and
  • Exploit wasted air flow from a compressor cooler

CEGEN’s goal is to find renewable energy alternatives that are cost effective, realizable and respond to industry demands.

“I’m as proud of many of the things we haven’t done as the things we have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things.” Steve Jobs

The Product


The CEGEN Green Power Generation Unit uses proven “wind” technology to capture and convert compressor exhaust into electricity.

By capturing the continuous exhaust exiting the compressor cooler and redirecting the exhaust through the CEGEN Power Generation Unit we can produce 7kW per unit (or 61,320 annually) to help power ancillary operations, such as lights, PLC, etc.


Read all about our unit is this PDF.

Horizontal Fan Application:

CEGEN now has a horizontal fan application that can fit 132 – 180 diameter horizontal fans.

Two CEGEN units per fan will maximize efficiencies and keep the back pressure at acceptable levels.

Read about this new application here


The CEGEN Advantage

Truly innovative, the CEGEN Green Power Generation Unit is a socially popular step that the industry can take.

  • Green power generation
  • Reduction to the Carbon Footprint
  • No change to the facility’s footprint
  • Fast bolt on installation (one day on most applications)
  • Little to no change to existing equipment
  • Reasonable initial investment with low maintenance costs and easy service schedules
  • Flexible application scopes and power outputs
    • New and retro-fit applications
    • Vertical and horizontal fan design
    • Engineering, consultation, and installation available

Carbon tax credits, grants, and other government subsidies to offset costs Payback of initial investment 18- 24-month with a return on investment of 30-50% (immediate if CEGEN replaces the need for power lines or expensive additional power generation)

The CEGEN Performance Data

  • Higher Green Power Output
    • A typical 1500 HP gas compressor should expect 7 kW or approximately 61,320 kWh/annum of Green Power with “exhaust wind” speed of 27 mph using a 10kW generator
    • 2 kW and 5 kW designs available for smaller fan applications
  • Class 1, Zone 2
  • Low back pressure added to fan
    • less than .2 iwg added at CEGEN opening
  • Vertical and Horizontal fan designs available
  • Engineering, consultation, and installation available
  • 18-month to 24-month ROI (immediate if CEGEN replaces the need for power lines)

CEGEN Applications

  • Inexpensive Power to remote facilities
  • Eliminate need for expensive power line installations ($285,000 per mile)
  • Sufficient energy to power building and facility lights, ventilation, gas detection, and other facility operations
  • Large facilities with multiple application opportunities could supply power to their local grids
  • Supplement your power needs

The CEGEN Green Power Generation Unit is a new, innovative, and socially responsible alternative that can offer a GREEN  power for industry. We offer positive exposure to industry and effectively multiply energy production efforts without burning another drop of fossil fuel.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” Aristotle

The People

Steve Morgan

President & CEO

Darcy McIntosh

Executive Vice-President & COO

Corinne Steed, CPA, MBA

Chief Financial Officer



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