Testing and Studies

Revised Turbine Design

Recently we completed a revised turbine design test on the CEGEN unit. The CEGEN unit was mounted on top of a 156EH Cooler with a small engine attached to simulate the max RPM of the fan.

The purpose was to test greater RPM and Torque, for a greater increase in power generation.

green unit

 Back Pressure, Air-Flow and Channeling

Our team also measured back pressure to ensure cooler efficiency. We then studied air-flow and proper channeling to learn how to minimize turbulence and incorporate greater efficiencies. This will yield increased power with little to no impact on cooler performance.

The tests were a great success and we are now analyzing the data. We should be ready to go live in 6-8 weeks.

Stay tuned for an update!

Watch it in action – Caution LOUD