Meet the support team

Support Team - Steve Morgan

Stephen Morgan,

President and Chief Executive Officer

Steve has been in business development roles for over 35 years, including direct sales, leadership and training. Steve is responsible for the overall success of the company by creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction while keeping an eye on both the internal and external competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, customer base, markets, and new industry developments.

Support Team - Darcy McIntosh

Darcy McIntosh,

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Darcy is a native Calgarian and long-time entrepreneur, having built a successful electrical company and working as a Certified Master Electrician for over 25 years in the industry. Scope includes development, design, operation and improvements on the CEGEN system.

Support Team - James Stewart

James Stewart,

Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer

Jim has over 32 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. As the CRO, he handles the development and maintenance of the CEGEN sales & business strategy.
Channel/partner development, including third parties and alliance partners, cross-channel marketing, advertising, contract negotiations and revenue.

John Sarsu,

Lead Engineer

Over 26 years combined experience in Civil/Mechanical Structural Engineering in residential, industrial, petrochemical and oil refining industries, including responsibilities as a project manager. Experience in various types of steel and concrete building designs, supports and foundations, and other heavy equipment steel framing support.

Support Team - John Sarsu

Arden Styles,

Data Analytics

A professionally certified executive with over 18 years of experience in managing and improving operations in complex customer-focused organizations. Expertise in assessing complex business challenges, formulating creative solutions and executing effectively. Specializing in customer service, engagement, strategy development and execution, program management, and business process enhancement with international experience and a global perspective – work with and advise top-tier organizations throughout North America and Western Europe.

Support Team - John Sarsu

Ryan Russell,

Project Management, Field Supervisor

Ryan has been involved in construction and manufacturing for over 20 years. Starting out in industrial food plant projects and industrial HVAC, and then he spent the last 15 years primarily in the energy industry in both manufacturing as well as field services throughout North America.

Scott MacDonald,


Scott is an Entrepreneur with over 26 years in Different Industries. For the last 22 his primary focus has been on helping to improve peoples lives by ensuring harmony between Industry and Community. With experience in Business and Manufacturing in two countries, Scott is always looking to add more “Tools” in his tool belt and has a never-ending thirst for further knowledge. Receiving his MBA in 2010 from Queens University, as well and his Entrepreneurial Masters Program in 2013.

Bryan Campbell,

Lead Designer

Bryan has a passion for mechanical design and manufacturing. With over 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry he has worked on high specification projects ranging in budget up to one million dollars. These projects included design work for gas compression, mobile oilfield stimulation equipment, and CAD support for engineering.

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Powered specialized in selling client products in the Australian energy services sector by leveraging their deep industry relationships and partnering with current and future leaders.

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