Micro Utility Genset

Creating Power Generation

With the Micro Utility Genset

Power Generation is the process of generating electricity from a primary source. The most common ways to generate electricity is by using a turbine driven by wind, coal, natural gas, or hydro. The process is performed by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy through the turbine and turning a generator or alternator.

CEGEN’s Clean Energy Gensets (CE-GENSET) generate electricity by directing mechanically generated constrained airflows through a turbine, driving a permanent magnet generator and converting it to usable clean energy.

Our CE-GENSETs are adaptable to horizontal and vertical airflows, scalable in numbers and outputs to meet industry’s demanding energy needs while also meeting their environmental mandates in relation to Green House Gas (GHG).

The Energy Produced

The energy produced by CE-GENSETs when applied to your mechanical HVAC exhaust, can be used to supplement the grid power appetite, power your remote facility or eliminate the need for expensive grid connections.

As an example, on a large Air Exchanger system with 14 triple vertical fans – each fan having an airflow of 250,000 cubic feet per minute at 25 kilowatts per fan – would become a 1-Megawatt clean energy power plant.  

Mining, Industry, pulp and paper, manufacturing and the energy sector all benefit from this technology.

Our electricity solution is easily paired with battery backup storage for consumption at peak hours, remote black starts or to supplement power requirements.

Adding CE-GENSETs to your power plans will reduce or eliminate, your need for diesel generators, micro-turbines or other less efficient green energy technologies like solar or thermal recovery.

CEGEN’s operational benefits include long-term 24/7 dependable power source, protection from volatile energy prices, environmental dependence (wind, sunlight, temperature, season), no additional physical footprint, and locked-in energy prices with no distribution or wire fees.

Developing Micro-Grids

In addition, these units can be tied together to develop micro-grids within your industrial operations.  If enough power is being generated on a facility you can even set up a net metering agreement and sell power back to the grid.

In summary, CEGEN’s Clean Energy Genset technology is a great alternative to traditional power generation choices, scalable from a small 5-kilowatt application to building your own power plant.

We merge industry’s operational needs with environmental consciousness to increase economics, decrease GHG emissions, without adding a square foot to landscape.

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