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What if there was a way to bridge the gap between industry, and green energy? CEGEN has bridged that gap. Using familiar and proven technology, we can reduce your CO2 footprint and provide energy back by capturing the wasted wind already being created. Learn all about what can be done with this available technology, in the video below.

CEGEN is getting some great press, awards and attention globally this year! Our traditional North American natural gas compressor station market has been awesome. We are now getting inquiries from Australia, and the Middle East and are stretching out to the expansive Data Centre market, Underground Mines and large Manufacturing Facilities.

We have always believed that CEGEN’s Technologies would turn industry heads. This helps to maximize operations, improve economics, reduce environmental impact, and to tell a great community story for industry.


MicroCEGEN Unit

MicroCEGEN focus

Addressing the needs of energy in remote sites without power grid access with no change of its carbon footprint

CEGEN Green Energy MicroCEGEN is a game changer for many industries looking for minimal cost effective energy needs. A technology that offsets that electrical consumption and offers energy independence.

Answer to remote and low energy facilities

Typically, a natural gas compressor has only one operational need, 200 watts of power for the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

The MicroCEGEN is not effected by weather, short days of sunshine in the winter or rainy seasons with low cloud cover, if the cooler  fan is spinning, the power the readily available.

One of the big issues with remote facilities is restarting the compressor engine. A typical 1800 hp driver requires 150 hp or 112 kW’s of power for a “Black Start”.

A MicroCEGEN one kW unit can trickle charge a battery bank, even at only 75% efficiency, there would be enough extra power to charge the batteries to 112 kW in about 200 hours. While powering the PLC.


  • Very low maintenance
  • Fast installs
  • No added physical footprint
  • Clean power source
  • No increase in your environmental footprint


  • Meets remote facility power needs
  • Trickle charger to store needed power for “black starts”
  • Reliable power source
  • Extremely low back pressure and parasitic draw

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