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Noise Solutions Inc. presents CEGEN Green Energy, an alternative green power source technology that is using proven “wind” power designs and applying them to controlled industrial HVAC/Air Exchanger environments.

Depending on a facility’s energy consumption needs, CEGEN Green Energy can become the operation’s primary power source or at minimum, supplement the facility’s needs.


  • No addition facility footprint. CEGEN installs on top of the cooler, in the exhaust flow path, no additional piles or foundations needed.
  • Zero net increase in facility CO2 footprint
  • In fact, for every kWh generated, 1.22 lbs of CO2 is not exhausted into the atmosphere from NG fueled power generation
  • Quick installation time
  • Structurally Engineered stamped
  • Green and brown field applications are both easily engineered and designed

Operational Benefits

  • Low added back pressure of <0.10 iwg (AXC recommendation limit of 0.20 iwg limit).
  • Low parasitic draw on driver. Calculated using cooler manufacturing consultation of ¼ of one HP on a 1500 HP application with a 156” vertical fan cooler.
  • 3 phase, 480volt power
  • Power storage option
  • Energy independence. A typical 1500 HP compressor will consume 5-6 kW of power including, ventilation, lighting, PLC and gas detection. Other uses for the power include, heat trace, facility operations and lighting.
  • Low maintenance. CEGEN’s life expectancy will exceed 10 years of operations with no scheduled rebuilds of generators or bearing replacements.
  • Not dependent on weather conditions like so many other green energy technologies.

Cost Benefits

  • Competitive with all power generation and supply when the full understanding of operational and maintenance costs and schedules are applied.CEGEN typically is a $0.12/kWh on an 8 kW/h design at today’s very low gas rates but can go as low at $0.03/kWh on larger models.  A typical micro turbine application with install, fuel and yearly scheduled maintenance costs is estimated to be approximately $0.13/kWh.
  • Carbon credits will become more and more important in time, CEGEN can be part of a facility’s carbon credit plan
  • Great story of fossil fuels and green energy working together to better both operations and environmental impact
  • Not subject to change of natural gas or other fuel pricing

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